Content Distribution Management Platform


You've got content — lots of content. Marketing content, training content, process documentation, instructions, memos, and even to-do lists. Your content is in all kinds of formats — pdfs, word documents, and ePubs. It's all over the place — in folders, on different servers, in desk drawers.
With Flexpub's Content Distribution Management Platform, you can now store, share, and distribute that content library when, where, and how you want.


Content Libraries


One-click Access on Any Device


Security, Users, Data

Flexpub's Content Distribution Management Platform gets all your content in one place, ready to maximize through the easiest distribution method possible — online. With a click, end users can view a sample, or a full copy, or download, all depending upon your distribution preference and security settings. Track hits, require registration, and know who, when, and what was viewed. Marketing, Comp and Advanced Review, Sales, Open Access, Subscriptions — the applications are endless, and now under your complete control.