WHAT: Flexpub is an easy online book platform providing you innovative tools for book marketing, publicity, and sales. Features are available directly through this website, as well as custom installations that afford added branding and functionality.

  • Easily create and share custom book samples that open with a click on any device.
  • Securely give away unlimited digital copies for the purposes of advanced review and promotions.
  • Sell through traditional resellers, or direct-to-reader through your Flexpub Bookshelf, your own, or any website.
  • DRM Options, Print Sales, Payment Processing, Technical Support for Your Customers, and more!

WHY: Our individual book marketing, publicity, and sales features each offer superior results, from samples that get more views, to easier and more effective promotions, through converting sales that putting more money in your pocket. Together, Flexpub makes it easy for you take control of your content and make your publishing program a success.

HOW: All that's needed are ePub files and a subscription. Set up your account, customize your Flexpub Bookshelf, and start using the tools.