Maximize the benefits of your Author Shelves account by following the Flex5 Program, which will have you marketing more effectively, handling essential publicity functions, and increasing sales. Watch a few minutes of short videos to learn the program, and then commit 5 minutes a day to use Flex5. Start with marketing, move onto publicity, and then sales to handle the three essentials. It really is that easy.
Flexpub works because it's easy — easy for you, and easy for your readers. Once your content is in the system, start sharing preview links via email, social media, or add to "View Inside" buttons on your website. Unlike Amazon or Google previews, you maintain complete control, highlighting your brand and keeping the attention on your content. The more you share, the more readers re-share, leading to more attention and increased engagement.
Imagine being able to share a simple link that takes potential fans to one web page where they can learn more about you and your work, and actually read beautiful book previews of all your titles with a click on any device. Your Author Shelf is that tool — a single resource that's easy for you to publicize, easy for readers to access, and puts you and your writing front-and-center. Add into the mix the ability to securely and efficiently share advance review and free promotional copies to build a user list, and you've got all the pieces for getting the word out about your books.
When you run promotions, the major advantage has always been to build a user list. What makes Flexpub different from all those other "ebook giveaway" systems? Lots. For one, our system makes it easier for you to run more promotions with multiple options. Add into the mix Facebook, Google, or email registration for readers, instant fulfillment without the need for downloads or special software, and you get significantly more sign-ups. Data collected includes not only email addresses, but specific book titles, making for powerful and targeted remarketing efforts. Most of all, because Flexpub books are customized to exclusively highlight your content and brand, every book given means a greater chance of a print or downloadable eBook sale.
Success is simple: The more you use the Flexpub tools, the more sales will increase. Share links to your previews and your Author Shelf, run promotions, and then track the results to improve print and downloadable eBook sales. The major advantage to the Flexpub Book Sharing Platform is empowerment — we give you the tools to reach more readers, and the part Amazon will never share — your analytics reporting and your reader data. You don't have to trust us, you'll see the results for yourself with tracking systems that let you operate smarter and build on your success.

Tracking results with analytics

Tracking results with your user list