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Law, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Terrorism

In democratic states, the courts can help safeguard civil liberties against excessive legislative and executive efforts to combat terrorism

Roger Douglas

Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Imprint: University of Michigan Press
Published: 01/2014
Pages: 336
Subject: Political Science - Terrorism, Political Science - Comparative Politics, Political Science - Human Rights
Print ISBN: 9780472119097
eBook ISBN: 9780472900022


Roger Douglas compares responses to terrorism by five liberal democraciesÑthe United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand over the past 15 years. He examines each nation's development and implementation of counterterrorism law, specifically in the areas of information-gathering, the definition of terrorist offenses, due process for the accused, detention, and torture and other forms of coercive questioning.


"The book is a good addition to an academic law library because of its comparative nature and DouglasÕs wide-ranging coverage of the topic. It is a good starting point for someone researching the law... Additionally, it is a fairly quick, informative, and interesting read."
--Kerry L. Lohmeier, Law Library Journal