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Success Mindsets

Your Keys to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work, & Leadership

Ryan Gottfredson

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Imprint: Morgan James Publishing
Published: 02/2020
Subject: Self-Help, Business and Economics
Print ISBN: 9781642796919
eBook ISBN: 9781642796926


Success Mindsets helps natural achievers, stalled professionals, and business executives unlock greater success in their life, work, and leadership.

“Mindsets” is a word that is used quite frequently, however, many of those who use it are unaware that mindsets are foundational to and dictate one’s success in life, work, and leadership. They are also unable to identify specific mindsets that are necessary for success. Ryan Gottfredson has created a comprehensive and research-based guide, Success Mindsets, that is designed to awaken readers to:

  • The power of mindsets
  • The four mindsets they need to have to be successful
  • The mindsets they currently possess through personal mindset assessment

    This awakening process empowers readers to unlock the greatness within themselves and reach the heights of success that they have been seeking but have thus far been unable to obtain. Within Success Mindsets, Ryan takes readers on a self-awakening journey to identify and unlock the four success mindsets necessary to enhance success across their life, work, and leadership.