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The Underdog Edge

How Ordinary People Change the Minds of the Powerful and Live to Tell About It

Amy Showalter

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Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Imprint: Morgan James Publishing
Published: 08/2011
Pages: 300
Subject: Business and Economics
Paperback ISBN: 9781600379987
eBook ISBN: 9781614480204
Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21


We all have occasions in which we want or need to persuade someone of greater clout, prestige or authority to see things our way. Many influence books address peer influence and downward influence (leadership). This book is unique because it reveals that upward influence success requires different tactics than generic influence tactics, because powerful people aren't like everyone else. It tells real-world stories of everyday people who have achieved persuasion success in politics and business with someone up the food chain, the peer-reviewed science behind their success, as well as insights from those whose minds they changed.