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Under the Social Influence

Going From Reckless to Responsible in Today?s Socially Distracted Society

Chuck Wilson

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Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Imprint: Morgan James Publishing
Published: 03/2013
Pages: 162
Subject: Business and Economics, Self-Help
Paperback ISBN: 9781614484653
eBook ISBN: 9781614484660
Dimensions: 5 x 8


Each part of "Under the Social Influence"
captures specific (positive and negative) influences that can impact a successful life and career. It uses examples of what generally happens, unique and sometimes humorous stories of what went wrong and then methods for altering the reader's behavior as they grow and mature. The book appeals to Gen Y workers seeking their first "real" job, employers looking to figure out why their millennial workers act as they do, and helps everyone put life in perspective and focus on what's really important. This is a cut-to-the-chase, no nonsense, real world, tough love playbook for those struggling to get ahead and those under the influence of negative social situations.