Michael Wiese Productions

Michael Wiese Productions (MWP) was launched in San Francisco in 1976 primarily to produce films. But, after Michael was unable to find a publisher for his first book,The Independent Film and Videomaker’s Guide, he self-published the book which went on to sell 50,000 copies.

Michael then wrote four other film books over the next few years and eventually started publishing other authors’ filmmaking and screenwriting books. Today, the company is known worldwide having published some 200 books. Some of the bestsellers have been translated into 18 languages, are used in over 700 film courses, in the Hollywood studios and by emerging filmmakers.

Michael says, “When you make a film, or write a script, there is an implicit agreement between the filmmaker/writer and the audience. The audience says, “I’ll give you some money and a few hours of my time. In return you’ll show me something I’ve never seen before.”

Our books fulfill a similar pact with our readers who say, “Teach me something I didn’t know that will make me a better, more successful writer or filmmaker.” We do this by demystifying the sometimes secretive worlds of screenwriting, directing, acting, producing, film financing, and other media crafts.

By doing so, we hope to bring filmmakers to a realization of the need for “conscious media” which is positively charged, emphasizing hope and affirming values like trust, cooperation, self-empowerment, freedom, and love. Grounded in the deep roots of myth, conscious media aims to be healing both for those who make the art and those who encounter it. It seeks to open doors to new possibilities and to pull back the veils to reveal never-before- seen worlds.