For Publishers

NetShelves makes it easy for publishers to deliver their content, their way, while making it even easier for readers to browse, engage, and enjoy that content with a click on any device — no special software or file downloads needed. Netshelves takes advantage of the latest web-based technology to deliver beautiful samples automatically created from existing ePubs (saving costs) with good-as-it-gets file security. Even more, you'll see the added attention NetShelves generates with integrated analytics. Reach more readers today, and market smarter tomorrow, with NetShelves.


Customize, control, and share best-in-class digital samples that exclusively highlight your content and brand, your way.


Build beautiful collection shelves that allow readers to browse any mix of titles and read with a single click on any phone, tablet or desktop computer.


See for yourself the results of a better book sharing platform with easy-to-use analytics and higher sales.

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Beautiful Customized Samples

NetShelves converts your existing ePub files into beautiful web-based samples, proven to attract and engage more readers. Control 18 options, including branding, links, and related titles.

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Build Unlimited
Custom Collection Shelves

Create shelves by subject or jaunra, highlight your bestsellers or new releases, or put together review packages for specific potential customers. You share a single link, allowing readers to focus on the content, not struggle with the technology.