Our mission is to help content owners reach more readers by harnessing the power of publishing technology. We offer a completely free account, no strings attached, and then a scaled pricing model to take advantage of progressively higher discounts with 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 book plans. Prices include ongoing full-service content ingestion of new titles, hosting, and support for both you and your readers. *

Clients using any of our direct-to-reader sales options, including individual eBook sales, bulk eBook sales, or subscription sales, will be assesed a 30% sales charge.

FPAuthor $9.95/Month 5
FP50 $29.95/Month 50
FP100 $39.95/Month 100
FP200 $69.95/Month 200
FP500 $129.95/Month 500
FP1000 $249.95/Month 1000
FP2500 $499.95/Month 2500
FP5000 $899.95/Month 5000
FP10000 $1,699.95/Month 10000

* An initial, one-time setup fee, includes the bulk import of metadata and ePub files, as well as standard branding.

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