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Sep 10, 2019 11:09 AM

oLibrary welcomes the African Books Collective, adding ten open access titles published by African Minds. Read them all here:

Sep 05, 2019 08:09 AM

University of Michigan Press adds 90 open access titles to oLibrary. Browse all, and read on any device, at:

Sep 02, 2019 11:09 AM

University of Ottawa Press adds 50 open access titles to oLibrary. Read them here:

Aug 16, 2019 04:08 PM

oLibrary partners with additional university presses:

Aug 07, 2019 02:08 PM

Read the latest open access book from University of California Press -- The Emergence of Modern Hinduism by Richard T. Ashcroft

Aug 07, 2019 11:08 AM

Read The Social Question in the Twenty-First Century by Jan Breman on, where books are always free and one-click easy:

Aug 05, 2019 10:08 AM

Always, open, free, and one-click easy — oLibrary adds more Cornell Open book titles, including Textbook of Arthropod Anatomy by R. E. Snodgrass.

Aug 02, 2019 12:08 PM

Enjoy browsing 1,500 Morgan James Publishing books at:

Jul 29, 2019 08:07 PM

Read a one-click preview of the new UNC Press title Speaking of Feminism:

Jul 28, 2019 09:07 PM

oLibrary adds Andrew J. Gawthorpe's To Build as Well as Destroy. Read it with a click now:

Jul 24, 2019 02:07 PM

oLibrary adds 20 Cornell University Press books!

Jul 22, 2019 02:07 PM

oLibrary adds six Springer Open Access titles:

Jul 22, 2019 10:07 AM

Read open access and public domain books for free at oLibrary -- no apps to install, no files to download.

Jul 21, 2019 12:07 PM

Biological Invasions in Changing Ecosystems added to oLibrary. Check out open access textbooks here:

Jul 14, 2019 01:07 AM

oLibrary welcomes The University of California Press, adding 80 open access books. Read them all with a click on any device!

Jul 14, 2019 01:07 AM

oLibrary welcomes The University Press of Colorado, adding 10 open access books. Read them all with a click on any device.

Jul 14, 2019 01:07 AM

oLibrary has added over 50,000 Project Gutenberg titles to our one-click library. Read them all on any device, no downloads or apps needed!

May 22, 2018 02:05 PM

Morgan James adds first 1,000 titles to Flexpub:

Jul 22, 2017 09:07 PM

UNC Press adds 2300 Flexpub previews to website:

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