Since introducing our completely branded and customized book samples in 2014, we've discovered roughly 65% of visitors to a book information page click to view preview content. In an instant, our publishers have engaged their readers and kept the attention exclusively on their content and brand. Get started today with the simplest, most effective book sampling solution available — Flexpub — and see the results for yourself.

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With Flexpub previews, you keep the control, with attention remaining on your content and brand. With other previews, you give up control, sending your readers away to shop for other publishers' books and random product offerings.



Flexpub previews make social media and email marketing campaigns a breeze, leading to more views and engagement with your content. The Omohundro Institute uses our simple link-based system to spread the word about everything from new releases to custom collections. You'll see the results for yourself with Flexpub's easy to use analytics!