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A Passover Haggadah

Go Forth and Learn

David Silber

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press
Imprint: The Jewish Publication Society
Published: 01/2015
Pages: 232
Subject: Social Science
eBook ISBN: 9780827612358


Hebrew and English text with new commentary and essays. Rabbi Silber has given us two books in one: the Haggadah itself, in English and Hebrew, with his seder commentary and a collection of essays that provide close readings of the classic biblical and rabbinic texts that inform Seder-night ritual and narration. Both parts work beautifully together to illuminate the central themes of Passover: peoplehood, Covenant, our relationship to ritual, God’s presence in history, and other important issues that resonate with us all. Just as midrash attempts to bridge the gap between ancient text and contemporary meaning, Rabbi Silber’s Haggadah provides new sources of insight that deepen the Passover experience for today’s readers.


Rabbi David Silber is the founder and dean of Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, New York City. A popular, nationally known lecturer on the Bible, Silber is a recipient of the prestigious Covenant Award, for excellence in innovative Jewish education.