Flexpub Book Content, Unleashed


"Flexpub highlights our content and allows us to reach and engage more readers like no other book marketing tool."

Karen Christensen
CEO & Founder
Berkshire Publishing Group

Technically speaking, Flexpub is a web app, similar to iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, but built to take advantage of advances in browser technology for the delivery of complex book and journal content via the internet. To our growing list of leading publishers and their readers, it's just plain easy, providing you complete control over your content, and your readers one-click easy access to that content on any device.

We add all your books and metadata, brand, and customize marketing and sales options for you depending on your specific goals. Set the exact length of previews, allow open access, or set DRM options to strict — it's your choice. Sell individual eBooks or print books through your own cart, or use our integrated eCommerce options. Add a recurring revenue stream with unlimited, "create-on-the-fly" subscriptions. You can now handle all marketing, publicity, and sales tasks with a single innovative solution proven to engage more readers.

Now you can do it all with Flexpub, providing publishers a full bookshelf of tools for getting the job done.