Book Content, Unleashed

Book Content, Unleashed


A revolutionary new web-based tool that gives you the power to simply and securely place any of your book content where you want it, when you want it, and how you want it.

One Tool for Everything You Need to Do

"Flexpub is a great tool we use to market our books. The ease of use (for both us and for customers) is a real benefit, and working with the Flexpub team has been a pleasure."

Dino Battista
Assistant Director
The University of North Carolina Press

"Flexpub delivers on its promises."

Barry Chodak
Genealogical Publishing Company

"Within days, we created a fantastic marketing program. The process was smooth and profitable for everyone! We highly recommend Flexpub for their creativity and partnership."

Ken Lee
Vice President
Michael Wiese Productions

"We can now share our books far more widely, and internationally, than we had ever managed before. The system lets us connect with readers, and is extremely easy to use."

Karen Christensen
CEO and Founder
Berkshire Publishing Group