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Flexpub makes the easiest and most reader-friendly online bookstores and content libraries, where you can browse samples, add free books to a personal bookshelf, and do it all without any special software or file downloads! Our eBooks open with the tap of a cover, and allow you to customize reading preferences and pick up any book exactly where you left off on any phone, tablet, or computer. Welcome to Flexpub and Easy Reading!

Our next-generation eReader provides easy, one-click reading and unmatched features on any phone, tablet, or desktop computer, without the hassle of app installations or file downloads!

Tap 'Read' on any book cover to view the full version of our free eBooks.

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One-click Open

Just tap a cover to read.


Pick up exactly where you left off.

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Find what you need, fast.

Linked TOC

Navigate straight to any section or chapter.

Adjust Font Size

Text, just the way you like it.

Additional Settings

For a customized reading experience.

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