Frequently asked questions from publishers about Flexpub.



What does it cost?

Flexpub offers a completely free account for publishers to test out our platform which allows you to add up to three books to your content library. Upgrade to take advantage of progressively higher discounts with 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 book plans. Prices include ongoing full-service content ingestion of new titles, hosting, and support for both you and your readers. *

FP50 $29.95/Month 50
FP100 $39.95/Month 100
FP200 $69.95/Month 200
FP500 $129.95/Month 500
FP1000 $249.95/Month 1000

* An initial, one-time setup fee, includes the bulk import of metadata and ePub files, as well as standard branding.

Optional customizations of design and features start at $3,000.

What can I sell through Flexpub?

You can sell eBooks and/or print books, either through traditional resellers such as Amazon, or through our platform. The added benefit of Flexpub is we make it easy for publishers to create digital subscriptions from eBook files, allowing you to add a recurring revenue stream from existing assets.

Is there DRM? Are my books and files secure?

When adding files to Flexpub, you can rest assured your books cannot be duplicated, copied, or stolen. Our security measures include proprietary DRM technology that we guarantee are second-to-none.

Is there a sales commission?

A sales commission of 30% is taken from proceeds for eBook and subscription sales, where all fulfillment and customer service are included. A sales charge of 10% is taken from print book orders, where publishers (or their specified distributor) are responsible for fulfillment.

How do I sign up?

Contact Flexpub to discuss your specific needs and arrange for a turnover of all ePub files and metadata.

How are files and metadata transferred?

Flexpub takes existing ePub files and metadata to build your online book library. We work directly with digital distributors such as Ingram and BiblioVault as well as directly with publishers to receive assets, and continually update libraries as new content is made available.

What if I don't have ePub files?

The Flexpub Platform only takes ePub files.

Who determines product pricing?

Publishers determine all product pricing.

How do I track analytics and sales?

Flexpub includes a user-friendly publisher interface accessed by logging in with your publisher credentials from any webpage. From your "Dashboard" page you can track eBook, print book, and subscription sales, as well Gratis/free book orders, analytics, and get a subscription royalty report.

Publishers can also request free monthly statements be emailed.

For more information, visit How-To.

How are sales paid out?

There are two options for payouts — instant (at the time of sale) and monthly. To enable instant payouts, publishers must have a Stripe account. Monthly payouts are sent on the last day of each month, along with an accounting statement.

Who deals with customer support?

All fulfillment and customer service are included for eBook and subscription sales. Publishers (or their specified distributor) are responsible for print book fulfillment and related shipping inquiries.

Is there publisher support?

Flexpub provides publishers an initial consultation, training, as well as ongoing support both by email and phone at no additional charge.