Flexpub makes it easy for publishers to build online content libraries, and to distribute their books where they want, when they want, and how they want. Share beautiful and branded previews, build custom collection shelves, provide advanced review access, give unlimited promotional copies, and sell print books, eBooks, and online subscriptions direct-to-reader with our simple bookstore setup. Welcome to Flexpub, empowering publishers to take charge of their content.


Samples and Shelves

“Flexpub is a great tool. The ease of use (for both us and for customers) is a real benefit, and working with the Flexpub team has been a pleasure.”
—Dino Battista, Assistant Director, University of North Carolina Press

Flexpub makes it easy for publishers to build beautiful and branded white-labelled book samples and completely customized collection shelves for showcasing and selling their content in new and exciting ways.


Best-in-class book previews proven to engage more readers.


Custom collections for selling digital, print, and online subscriptions.


Easy and secure link-based system for free book fulfillment.